Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well well well

Not sure how this all happened but all my posts have been deleted. Guess it was my blog resetting it's self. So here we go again!!

Things here have been super super buys. I have been running a free button promo with my myspace and it was such a big hit. Today is the last day so people have been clawing at their chance to get free buttons.

On a more personal note some of you may know about my neighbor issues and he was finally arrested about 4 days ago. Come to find out he was in way more trouble than we even thought so I'm glad he is off the streets and hopefully can get set in the right way.

Mittens is now recovered fully from her spay. She still has a bald tummy but is feeling like the crazy lil kitty she is. I have done my first trade on and it was amazing!! Please check out her shop here I got the cutiest Harness and ID Tag for mittens.

I am also setting my etsy shop up I have to do some design work but hopefully will be able to get on that sooner than later. here is my shop link I have all my store info up so you can alwasy read boring rules and facts for now.